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Welcome, fellow gym rat, or if you’re just starting, Welcome to the world of fitness and protein shakes. In this article, I’ve gathered our Top home gym brands and outlined their history, reputation, products, and even pricing, To help you navigate all the factors and pick the best option.

Best Home Gym Brands:

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flybird fitness logo

FLYBIRD Fitness was founded in 2016 by Shane Draw. After being left unsatisfied about being unable to locate affordable and satisfactory equipment. He started the company with a direct goal in mind to deliver affordable, versatile, high quality equipment for everyone. Shane believed that working-out is one of the best ways people can improve their health both physically and mentally. Shane’s determination, combined with his genuine desire to help others led to him helping over 1 million families worldwide. FLYBIRD sought out to developing new products as it was their priority to meet their customers needs.


Over the years, FLYBIRD gained a strong reputation with over 30k+ positive reviews on Amazon and servicing over 1 million families. They constantly deliver on their promises by meeting their customer’s wishes and needs.


FLYBIRD Fitness offers a range of convenient fitness products for all living spaces and catering to different purposes. They offer Adjustable Dumbbells, Barbells, Weight Benches, Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, Resistance Bands, and others. 

They currently ship all across the US Free of charge. You may find them in your local stores if you’re an international shopper.

OneTwoFit Brand Logo

OneTwoFit was established in 2019 in Hong Kong, Their main strive was to push how important fitness is on our life’s, They understood day to day life’s struggles and decided to create coinvent home workout equipment for that sort.


OneTwoFit enjoys a strong reputation thanks to its favorable ratings and reviews. They constantly deliver high-quality, well-rounded products.

They provide a 12-month product warranty and a 30-day refund policy for ‘Returned as is’ items.


OneTwoFit offers many home gym equipment. Cardio machines like ‘Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Rowers, etc.,’ And strength exercise equipment like ‘Pull-up bars and Benches.’

They offer delivery to select countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, and Italy, OR you may find it in your local store.

Peleton brand logo
$$$ (Expensive)

Peloton was founded in 2012 by John Foleyand and Co-Founder Tom Cortese. After experiencing the challenges of maintaining a consistent fitness routine while balancing a busy work schedule and family life, John had the idea for Peloton.

John wanted to bring home professional training workouts without needing to go to the gym. To Then, he introduced, The Peleton bike initially sold for $1500. Prominently, it allowed him to have live classes with professional instructors at any time.


Their reputation is mixed. Customers in certain countries have reported it they have experienced issues with extended shipping times and a lack of customer support, even though that’s not always the case. Peloton also provides a 30-day free home trial and a 1-year warranty.

Famous Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, LeBron James, and David Beckham use Peloton for their fitness routines.


Peleton is like the ‘Netflix of home exercise.’ It offers an endless library of workouts, From ‘cycling, running, strength training, yoga, boot camp, and HIIT, To stretching and meditation classes.

Peleton offers a range of home equipment machines: smart stationary bikes, treadmills, accessories, and even a mobile app that offers indoor and outdoor classes. Peloton prioritizes customer safety with warnings, safety features, and guidelines. They promptly address concerns through recalls.

Unfortunately, They offer international shipping to certain selected countries. But you may find it in your local stores.

NordickTrack Brand Logo
Prices Vary

NordicTrack was founded in the winter of 1975. Edward Pauls was training for a cross-country ski race in Minnesota and had trouble fighting the weather to keep up with his workouts. He then envisioned building an exerciser that could mimic the motion of cross-country skiing. This led to its creation.


NordicTrack has continued to innovate and expand its product line, introducing advanced features like touchscreens, internet connectivity, and interactive training options to enhance users’ workout experiences.

Unfortunately, Nordictrack always had trouble keeping up with its growth. Some people complain about their customer support, but other than that. They are a very trusted brand.

After the introduction of Ifit in 1998, The Pioneering virtual program allowed people to access virtual workouts and training programs. Nordictrack kept growing and became a leader in the fitness industry.


NordicTrack grew exponentially in the ski-racer market as it was a viable option for cross-country ski-racers. In 1988, NordicTrack was sold to CML.

They expanded NordicTrack to include non-motorized and motorized treadmills, elliptical machines, weight training machines, and sit-up machines, just about anything related to the fitness industry.

Unfortunately, NordicTrack only ships in the US, But you may find it in your local stores.

*Pricing Note: Many of NordicTrack’s items cost in the thousands. But you can find some products that are only a few hundred bucks, depending on which model you buy

REP Fitness logo
$$ (Affordable)

REP Fitness was founded in 2012 by Ryan and Shaun Mcgrotty. They were working with fitness companies as part of their affiliate marketing business when they noticed the lack of quality strength equipment. As Strength Training enthusiasts themselves, they dreamed of filling that void.

In 2012, They began operating from a humble garage in Colorado with the aim of establishing a fitness equipment firm that provides exceptional customer service, innovative equipment, and great value.


They stayed true to their word as their reputation is regarded as one of the best, delivering reliable and well-designed home gym and commercial gym equipment. Honorably earning the fitness community’s trust.


Over The years, Rep Fitness grew and expanded. Now, they have more than 50 products in the market across 150 countries, including weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, benches, and other fitness accessories.

*REP also offers international shipping to selected countries

Tempo brand logo
$$$ (Expensive)

Tempo was founded in 2017 by Moawia Eldeeb, Josh Augustin, and Alden Kane. During the pandemic, when everyone was forced to stay at home, Tempo came in with a life-saver. A full smart home gym system that allowed you to strength train. It was perfect for all, beginners and advanced.


The company follows safety measures, Earning many fitness enthusiasts their complete trust. Their customer support isn’t their best feature. But they do offer warranties on their products.


The Tempo Studio/Move allows people to reap the benefits of working out with a personal trainer without leaving their houses.

The Tempo Studio provides people with real-time form corrections and personalized workout plans, including strength training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), cardio, mobility, and recovery sessions.

Tempo has released multiple systems since then. Tempo Core, Tempo Move( Their most affordable ), and Tempo Studio.

*They also ship internationally to some countries or you may find it in your local stores.


Lululemon Studio Brand Logo
$$$ (Expensive)

In 2016, Brynn created a “portal” that would transport you to a breathtaking world. She wasn’t exactly happy with the traditional training methods and wanted a more engaging, fun way to do her workouts, so she sought out a more captivating and immersive way to work out from home; as a result, MIRROR was invented, An interactive home gym that can be mounted on a wall.


Customers appreciate the quality of instructors, the convenience of real-time metrics, and the overall sleek design of the Mirror system

But they often complain about the shipping times and customer support.



It has an extensive library that streams 70+ new live classes per week, or you can choose on-demand classes. Classes are available 24 hours with real-time professional instructors. You can also compete with yourself or tag along with a friend

Mirror also has some pretty cool features. It’s part of a broader fitness ecosystem, including a companion app and an online community,

*Mirror also offers international shipping to specific countries, OR you may find it in your local stores.


Hydrow brand logo
$$$ (Expensive)

Hydrow was founded in 2017 by Bruce Smith, a former US National Team Rower. He wanted to make rowing more fun and accessible to all people. It officially launched its flagship product, the Hydrow rowing machine, to the public in 2019.

The machine featured a sleek and modern design with live and on-demand classes. The idea was to take users on virtual rowing journeys in scenic locations around the world.

Many famous people have invested in Hydrow with time or money, like Kevin Hart, who was also an early investor, Mark Cuban, and Mario Lopez.


As the company grew and rose in popularity, It kept expanding its offerings, adding more live and on-demand classes and developing personalized training programs to cater to a wider range of users.

There are the occasional complaints related to issues like customer service, technical glitches, or pricing. Other than that, customers often praise their products.

Hydrow also offers a warranty on its products.


Hydrow, as of right now, offers two rowers, Hydrow Rower and Hydrow Wave Rower.

The latter is more compact and takes less time to deliver. The former is their original, offering a bigger screen and adjustments to the machine.

*Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally. But you may find it in your local stores.


Tonal Brand Logo
$$$ (Expensive)

Tonal was founded by Aly Orady in 2015. a former engineer who loved both fitness and technology. He dreamed of creating a special AI-powered coaching machine that could offer personalized strength training and workouts.

Tonal was officially launched in 2018— a compact, all-in-one fitness machine. People were instantly drawn to its sleek design, interactive coaching, and incredible technology. Tonal’s unique selling point was its AI-powered platform that adapts to users’ abilities and offers personalized workout plans.


Tonal has generally received positive reviews for its product, but there were also criticisms related to pricing and occasional technical issues.

It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day home trial.

Famous Celebs that have used Tonal: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Paul George, and Mike Tyson have also invested in it.


As Tonal grew, so did its workout library! They added all sorts of fun exercises like Strength Training, Cardio Workouts, HIIT Yoga, Functional Training, and Custom Programs. That way, they made sure there was something for everyone.

Tonal doesn’t ship internationally. But you may find it in your local stores.


TRX Brand Logo
$$$ ( Expensive )

TRX® Suspension Training was discovered by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick in 1997, using parachute webbing and a jiu-jitsu belt. The idea for TRX came to Hetrick while he was on deployment, looking for ways to maintain his and his fellow SEALs’ fitness levels in challenging environments where traditional gym equipment was unavailable.


Randy’s vision for TRX was to make it simple, effective, and portable, And he did so. TRX now generates over $70 million in annual revenue and is recognized worldwide.

TRX is considerably safe as it relies on the user’s body weight, not heavy weight lifting. They also offer a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects and customer support for all inquiries.

Famous Celebrities worldwide are now using TRX, like ‘Snoop Dogg,’ ‘Mark Wahlberg,’ ‘Ryan Reynolds’ and ‘Channing Tatum.’


Suspension Training essentially uses ‘Resistance Straps’ and the user’s body weight to perform seven basic compound movements: push, pull, squats, rotate, hinge, lunge, and planks. They work towards building strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

TRX® Over the years, expanded its product line to include different variations and accessories with different pricing, Delivering the same high-quality premium experiences.

*They offer international shipping to selected countries. But you may find it in your local stores.


Home workouts have never been more fun! From marathon training to powerlifting and overall health improvement, there’s something for everyone.

Share your experiences and opinions with us. Keep up the great work!

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