10 Best Ad Spy Tools to Unlock the Secrets of Success in Dropshipping & E-commerce!

Ad spy tools
Looking for the best Ad spy tools to elevate your marketing business? In this blog, we’ve selected a list of the top Ad spy tools. We’ve gathered the crucial details about each tool, such as its pros and cons, free plan availability, and initial prices. This information will help you make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

These tools can be valuable assets in honing your marketing skills and gaining insights into your competitor’s ad strategies. Let’s unlock invaluable insights and outperform your competition with these powerful tools.

Best AdSpy Tools:

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Starting at $149/mo
  • Free Plan

Spyover is an amazing tool to track competitors’ ads across 15 traffic sources in 115 countries. It’s easy to use, with filters and search options. It has three sections: Ads, Landing pages, and Site Loader. Each section offers unique features to make ad management and marketing campaigns more manageable.

SpyOver Features:

  • Data Filters
  • The ability to sort and filter data by various criteria (device, GEO, browser, network, etc.) is crucial for refining your targeting and understanding audience behavior.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Download competitors’ landing pages and creatives, help you identify winning strategies, and apply them to your own campaigns.

  • Download Landing Pages
  • This feature allows you to quickly replicate successful landing pages, saving time and effort in design and development.

  • Ad Overview Dashboard
  • The ad overview dashboard provides insights into traffic sources, devices, trends, and more. This data is essential for shaping your campaign’s targeting configuration and increasing ROI ( Return on investment).

  • Push Advertising Interface
  • If you’re involved in push advertising, the integrated interface with push ad networks can streamline your push campaigns’ management and optimization.

  • Trend Analysis
  • Utilizing advanced filters to determine what’s currently trending versus what has worked over time can guide your campaign strategy effectively.

SpyOver Pros & Cons:


  • Keep an eye on advertising and landing page trends.
  • With dedicated native ad spying features, you can track competitors closely. They’ve simplified the process, making data-driven decisions easy even without a technical background.
  • Download both landings and advertisements with just one click.
  • Analyze trends and actions of your competitors and top performers easily.
  • Discover native campaign strategies quickly and save valuable time.
  • Get detailed data and analytics for each ad.
  • Stay updated on current market topics and identify successful ad elements.

  • Fewer networks are available.
  • Pricing plans offered have limited variety.
Starting at $29.90/mo
  • Free Plan

Dropispy is a tool for competitive intelligence that enables you to keep an eye on your competitors, see the products they are promoting, and how they are marketing them on Facebook. With Dropispy, you can learn from your competitors’ strategies by analyzing their actions. Alternatively, if you are in a rush, you can effortlessly replicate the same advertisement and use it on your ads account if you have an identical product.

Dropispy Features:

  • Database
  • Access to a large database containing tens of millions of ads, updated with over 1000 new ads daily, ensuring a comprehensive and current view of the advertising landscape.

  • Search Filters
  • Advanced filtering options allow users to sort ads by keywords, ad type, country, platform, likes, shares, date, and more, streamlining the process of finding relevant and successful ads.

  • Winning Product
  • The ability to search for new ideas, products, niches, and markets worldwide, facilitating the discovery of potentially profitable opportunities for dropshipping businesses.

  • My Folder
  • The “My Folder” feature for organizing and saving favorite ads provides a powerful tool for tracking and reviewing successful campaigns for future reference.

  • Shop Analysis
  • In-depth analysis of dropshipping stores, including details about eCommerce platforms, daily visits, bounce rates, and app usage, aiding users in understanding competitor strategies and improving their own.

  • Ad Details
  • Access to additional information about ads, such as creation date, last viewed, comments, shares, and more, allowing for deeper analysis of successful advertising campaigns.

Dropispy Pros & Cons:


  • Spy on your competition and discover their ads and promoted products.
  • Affordable pricing for all these features.
  • Access a wide database with tens of millions of ad results.
  • Explore hundreds of thousands of successful products.
  • Get detailed insights on ads, stores, and products.
  • Use user-friendly advanced filters for the ad and shop spy tools.

  • No details on the product’s profitability, such as sales numbers or wholesale price.
  • It’s unclear if the ads include both Facebook and Instagram ads, as they are now under the Meta ad platform.
  • No information is available about potential suppliers for the products.
starting at $69.99/mo
  • Free Plan

Anstrex is one of the best sites to spy on your competitors and to know their secrets. It has many networks and three useful tools in one dashboard. You can easily filter and sort data to find what you need. The coolest part is you can download and customize landing pages and then upload them directly to your server. It also helps you find popular products effortlessly.

Anstrex Features:

  • Competitor Ad Spy
  • Anstrex helps you see what ads your competitors are using to attract customers. This helps you understand their strategies and come up with better ideas for your own ads.

  • Different Ad Types
  • Anstrex shows you different types of ads, like native ads that blend in with the content, push ads that pop up on devices, and pop ads that show on new windows. You can see examples of these ads and learn from them.

  • Search Filters
  • You can use filters to narrow down your search. For example, you can look for ads from a specific country, in a certain language, or on a particular device. This makes finding the right ads easier.

  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Anstrex lets you not only see ads but also the landing pages they lead to. You can copy and edit these pages for your own campaigns, saving time and effort.

  • Alerts When Competitors Launch New Ads or Landing Pages
  • You can set up alerts to get notified when your competitors launch new ads or landing pages. This helps you stay updated and react quickly to changes in the market.

  • Ad Performance Insights
  • Anstrex provides data on how well ads are performing, like how often people are clicking on them and where they’re being shown. This helps you pick the most effective strategies.

Anstrex Pros & Cons:


  • One dashboard with three tools in it.
  • Easy filtering and sorting options to find what you need.
  • Search for keywords to target the right audience.
  • Helps you download, customize, and upload landing pages.
  • Works with 28 ad networks.
  • You can easily find winning and trendy product
  • Add more products from the same dashboard.
  • See traffic reports and ranking data.
  • Active Chat Support

  • It might take some time to get used to the platform.
  • Prices are a bit higher than some competitors.
Big Spy logo
Starting at $9/mo
  • Free Plan

BigSpy is one of the leading ad spy tools that help you find ad creatives on social media networks. It also helps you identify the winning products, and to track your competitor’s ads, and generate unique marketing ideas for better profitability.

BigSpy offers users significantly more flexibility and powerful functionalities for searching, filtering, sorting, and analyzing massive data, which the Facebook Ad Library does not support.

BigSpy Features:

  • BigSpy Ads Database
  • The large and intuitive database provides insights into millions of active ads, aiding in competition analysis, market research, and identifying effective advertising strategies. It eliminates the need for extensive testing and complex product research.

  • Social Media Platforms Integration
  • BigSpy integrates with top social media platforms, allowing users to track and analyze ads’ real-time performance on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google. This enables users to make informed decisions before launching their own ads.

  • People Tracked Ads
  • allowing users to discover the most-viewed ads that people are tracking. This feature provides ad ideas supported by data and social proof, and it allows users to monitor ads themselves.

  • Self-Tracking Services
  • You can monitor your own ads’ performance as well as competitors, gaining insights into market trends, audience reactions, and campaign effectiveness. Comprehensive analytics can be tracked and downloaded for active ad campaigns simultaneously.

  • Ad Ideas
  • BigSpy collects and presents ads that people have tracked, giving users insight into ads that are popular and effective in their niche. This allows users to prioritize and draw inspiration from successful ads.

  • Automated Search Engine
  • The automated search engine allows you to search for templates easily, utilizing demographics and other filters to provide relevant results. Searches can be filtered by CTA, country, specific items, and industry to find ads for inspiration.

BigSpy Pros & Cons:


  • Monitor competitors’ advertising activities for detailed insights.
  • Ads analysis, trends, and advertisers’ rank to promote products/services.
  • BigSpy supports multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Yahoo, Unity, and AdMob, and unlimited featured ads.
  • User-friendly interface and enables you easily filter ads.
  • You can filter ads based on Site type, platform, Country, Language, Engagement ( Like, Share, and Comment), Ad placement, and Date.
  • Affordable price

  • Limited on free plan to BigSpy.
Starting at $77/mo
  • Free Plan

PiPiADS is the best platform for collecting TikTok ads from all around the world. If you have a business and want to find the ideal TikTok ad for it, this tool can help you do that easily. It works like a detective tool for ads and lets you spy on TikTok accounts. You can use the app to find ads using different filters, which makes the whole process simple and effective.
With PiPiADS, you can Analyze TikTok ads, get inspiration from various sources, and track competitors.

PipiADS Features:

  • Identify winning Product
  • PiPiADS helps you locate products with a proven track record of attracting high traffic and engagement. This feature assists businesses and individuals in selecting products that are likely to perform well.

  • Competitor Ad Tracking
  • PiPiADS allows you to monitor your competitors’ advertising strategies. Users can analyze top-performing ads, copywriting techniques, and strategies used by competitors.

  • Advertiser Analysis
  • This tool provides detailed insights into advertisers’ activities, offering users a deeper understanding of successful strategies and approaches.

  • Shopify Spy Tools
  • PiPiADS includes a dedicated Shopify spy tool for dropshipping businesses. Users can analyze their own Shopify stores, track live sales data, and gain insights into competitor stores to uncover effective tools and apps.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • PiPiADS is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to navigate and utilize its features without complexity.

  • Niche Identification
  • PiPiADS helps businesses in identifying profitable niches by providing data-driven recommendations and filters for product selection.

PipiADS Pros & Cons:


  • PiPiADS helps you to Find winning products.
  • Monitor competitors’ ad campaigns.
  • Identify ideal niches for a dropshipping business.
  • PPSPY-Shopify Spy & Dropship Tool.

  • The lower pricing plan, which is ( Starter ), is not helpful enough.
Starting at $49/mo
  • Free Plan

Minea is a powerful ad spy tool loved by drop shippers, marketers, and influencers. It has a wide range of e-commerce ads from Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, making it comprehensive. Additionally, it tracks product placements by influencers on Instagram and Snapchat in over 30 markets, helping users make data-driven decisions.

The tool helps brands, agencies, and publishers make better decisions with real-time and accurate digital advertising data. It offers transparency into competitors’ ad strategies on various social channels. This lets marketers compare brands, understand programmatic shares, and see ad spending and impressions.

Minea Features:

  • Competitor Ad Analysis
  • Utilize the ad spy feature to analyze successful competitors’ ads and marketing strategies and implement effective tactics in your own campaigns.

  • Winning Product Identification
  • Minea helps you find winning products for your dropshipping business by analyzing data from Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.

  • Daily Top 10 Products
  • Minea generates a list of the day’s top 10 products, streamlining your product selection process.

  • Platform-Specific Searches
  • Conduct individual product searches on each platform (Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest) to cater to different audience preferences.

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Use extensive filters such as keywords, domain names, date range, country, language, engagement metrics, e-commerce platform type, downloads, and views for precise product searches.

  • All-in-One Tool
  • Minea integrates data from Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, providing a comprehensive solution for dropshipping businesses.

Minea Pros & Cons:


  • Analyze competitors’ ads for insights.
  • Discover the best niche for your business.
  • Find winning products for your dropshipping business.
  • Develop your brand with creative strategies.
  • Get notified about new products on Minea.

  • Customer service is not good enough.
  • Not suitable for digital products.
  • Difficult to search for products due to multiple large platforms.

AdPlexity is a leading ad spy tool that provides marketers, advertisers, and affiliates with insights into successful ad campaigns. It covers various ad formats and platforms, offering a global perspective by accessing campaigns from over 100 countries. The tool’s standout features include tracking and downloading banners and landing pages, advanced filtering options, and uncovering hidden affiliate campaigns. AdPlexity empowers users to replicate successful strategies, stay ahead of competitors, and make informed decisions based on global campaign data.

Adplexity Features:

  • Competitor Tracking
  • Keeping an eye on your competitors’ ad strategies can inspire your own campaigns, highlight trends, and help you stay ahead.

  • Multi-Platform Coverage
  • A tool that covers various ad formats and platforms (such as mobile, desktop, native, and push) provides a comprehensive view of successful campaigns across different channels.

  • Keyword Search
  • The ability to search for specific keywords in ad titles, descriptions, and URLs helps you identify campaigns relevant to your niche or target audience.

  • Affiliate Network Insights
  • Tracking campaigns from various affiliate networks lets you discover profitable offers and understand which networks are performing well.

  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page Downloads: Downloading landing pages and their assets enables you to replicate successful designs and layouts for your campaigns.

  • Global Coverage
  • Being able to access ads from multiple countries allows you to gather insights from diverse markets and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Adplexity Pros & Cons:


  • AdPlexity works on a cloud platform.
  • Accurate information.
  • One time payment
  • Large database with important products and campaigns.
  • They offer support through chat and email.
  • It supports various operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • You can download landing pages easily.

  • There is one pricing plan available.
Starting at $39/mo
  • Free Plan

SpyFu is one of the best tools for spying on what other competitors are doing in their ads. It has been around for a long time and is well known for helping individuals and businesses with their online advertising. It can show you what keywords your competitors are using and how well their ads are working. You can use this information to make your ads better.

One cool thing about SpyFu is that it can tell you what keywords are easy or hard to use for your ads. It also gives you ideas for new keywords that can make your ads more successful.

If you want to know how well your website shows up in Google searches, SpyFu can help with that too. It can tell you if your website is getting better or worse in search results over time. You can also use SpyFu for SEO to see what other websites are doing to show up in Google searches. It’s like peeking at their secrets to success.

If you’re running ads on Google, SpyFu can help you see how your ads are doing and how they compare to your competitor’s ads. It even helps you find good websites that can link to your website, which can help you get more visitors.

Spyfu Features:

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • SpyFu lets you see what keywords your competitors are using in their online advertising. This helps you understand their strategies and find opportunities to improve your own keyword selection.

  • AdWords Advisor
  • This feature suggests new keywords for your advertising campaigns based on what successful competitors are using. It helps you discover untapped opportunities to reach more customers.

  • PPC Competitor Research
  • This feature lets you track your competitors’ pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. You can analyze their keywords, ad copies, and bidding history to enhance your own PPC strategy.c

  • Backlink Recommendations
  • SpyFu helps you identify websites that can link to your site, boosting your SEO and online visibility. These backlinks can drive more traffic and improve your website’s authority.

  • SEO Keyword Ranking Tracker
  • Helps you monitor how well your website ranks on Google and Bing for specific keywords. It provides insights into your SEO performance and helps you make informed optimization decisions.

  • Customizable Reports
  • Allows you to create customized reports to share insights with your team or clients. You can present data in formats like PDF, Excel, or CSV, making it easy to communicate your findings effectively.

Spyfu Pros & Cons:


  • Data can be downloaded in Google Sheets, CSV, and PDF formats.
  • Helps you identify paid keywords.
  • User-friendly interface, no technical skills required.
  • Includes tracking features
  • Displays all competitors.
  • No limitations on the number of reports you can run
  • Enables learning from competitor mistakes

  • Limited data for some industries.
  • The data provided may not always be entirely accurate.
Starting at $249/mo
  • Free Plan

Adbeat is a tool that helps businesses improve their advertising strategy by providing insights into their competitors’ marketing techniques across 100+ advertising networks worldwide. It helps you save your time and generate high-quality traffic from over 90+ ad networks, including Google Display Network and Adblade.

Adbeat Features:

  • Competitor Spying
  • Monitoring your competitors’ ad history, placements, ad inventory access, and spending strategies provides valuable insights for refining your own advertising strategy.

  • Landing Pages Analysis
  • Accessing competitors’ landing pages and replicating successful design elements can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your own landing pages.

  • Audience Insights
  • In-depth data on audience demographics, devices, and platforms helps you target your ads more effectively, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

  • Campaign Analysis by Product/Ads
  • Comparing ad strategies for different products allows you to optimize your campaigns and allocate resources more efficiently.

  • New Campaigns Alerts
  • Staying updated on your competitors’ new campaigns enables you to quickly adapt your marketing strategy to remain competitive.

  • Competitive Benchmark
  • help you understand your competitors’ performance trends and identify areas for improvement.

Adbeat Pros & Cons:


  • Competitive insights and ad monitoring across multiple platforms.
  • Ad analysis tools to track competitors’ performance and identify trends.
  • Ad optimization tools for improved ROI and increased conversions.
  • Customizable reports to make informed advertising decisions.
  • A competitive edge by understanding competitors’ advertising strategies.

  • Expensive for some businesses.
  • Limited data for smaller or niche markets.
  • Lack of transparency in algorithms and data sources.
  • Risk of inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Some users find features less customizable.

What does Ad Spy mean?

AdSpy is an advanced tool that tracks and analyzes your competitors on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Focusing on comparing keyword strategy and ad positioning gives you insights into winning products and exact trends in your business space.

How do ad spying tools work?

AdSpy runs multiple daily searches on your chosen keywords and settings, providing average search results for your ad performance and competitors. The overview page allows you to analyze each tracked keyword.

When adding a new keyword, you must select a city location and device type (Mobile or Desktop). Showing your ad’s average position on Google search results over 1 Day, 7 Days, and 30 Days, along with the total number of advertisers bidding on the keyword in the last 30 days. This data helps you assess your ranking and competition effectively.

Why should you use Ad Spy tools for E-commerce?

Currently, ad spy tools are crucial for Dropshipping businesses and Marketers to have on their side. Here are some reasons why utilizing them is necessary.

  • Spot Trending Products: Identify hot-selling products in your niche. Ad spy tools let you see which items are generating the most interest, helping you choose the best products to sell.
  • Save Time and Money: Instead of trial and error, use ad spy tools to find winning ad formulas. Avoid wasted ad spend and optimize your budget efficiently.
  • Competitor Analysis: Ad spy tools help you discover competitors’ top-performing ads and strategies. Adapt your approach accordingly.
  • Stay Updated on Trends: These tools allow you to Keep up with the latest marketing trends in your industry.

By using ad spy tools, you can base your marketing decisions on real data and insights rather than guesswork. Let ad spy tools guide your strategy for better results.


These ad spy tools are capable and effective. Our goal was to share the top 10 tools in the market so you can find the one that suits you best. By now, you should have a clear idea of which tool is the right fit for you.

We’d love to hear from you about which of these tools you find most effective and useful. Your feedback will help us understand your needs better and tailor our recommendations to suit your preferences.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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