7 Best Product Research Tools Used By E-commerce Masters in 2023!

Product research tools
After we’ve conducted our research, we compiled a list of the seven best product research tools for your online store(s).

This article includes essential information about the benefits of product research tools, best practices for using them, and brief descriptions of each tool with its features, benefits, cons, free plans (if available), and starting prices. This way, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs.

Best Product Research Tools:

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Starting at $89/mo
  • Free Trial

SaleSource is one of the best product research tools that offer marketing solutions for different online sales platforms. Its features include product analysis, trend assessment, competition comparisons, and identifying merchants.

The platform provides detailed ratings and reviews from previous customers for all online suppliers, helping you make informed decisions when choosing a wholesaler. Additionally, you can save searches and sort information based on past successful experiences.

Salesource Features:

  • Contact and Account Management
  • Efficient customer data and interaction history management, utilizing social data for insights.

  • Opportunity Management
  • Tracking clients’ behavior-timeline and stages of deals and providing templates for emailing strategies.

  • Lead Management
  • Activity timeline, lead conversion, auto-emailing, and lead scoring for efficient lead tracking.

  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Customizable sales forecast reports, real-time charts, and dashboards for tracking team performance.

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Accurate forecasts, view of pipeline and company performance, tracking top performers.

  • Data Management
  • Data cleaning, updating, and enriching account, contact, and lead data with Data.com.

Salesource Pros & Cons:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Product Research, Data & Analytics
  • AI Sales Algorithm
  • Shopify Merchant Research, Data & Analytics
  • Extensive Product Database
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Supplier Management

  • Non-existent Documentation
Starting at $69/mo
  • Free Trial

Viral Launch offers various product research tools in the global retail marketplace. Its interface lets you search for photos, listings, and product launches in different international markets.

The tools use advanced artificial intelligence and market analysis to show you important sales and marketing details in each search. For example, it can provide information about inventory, monthly sales estimates, current prices, potential profits, and marketing insights.

Viral Launch Features:

  • Product Launches
  • Get your product in front of many potential customers across different countries. Pay only for sales generated through promotions, saving you money.

  • Product Discovery
  • Discover new markets and things people want to buy on Amazon and get real-time info on how products on Amazon have been doing in the past. Learn what people are buying a lot and what’s becoming popular.

  • Keyword Research
  • Improve your Amazon search visibility with effective SEO. Find unique keywords that competitors are missing, boosting your product’s visibility.

  • Keyword Manager
  • Track keyword performance to refine your strategy. Gain insights from keyword data to make informed choices.

  • Listing Analyzer
  • Enhance your product listing for better customer appeal. Identify opportunities to optimize your product’s presentation.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Understand market trends and where the industry is heading. Analyze prices, sales trends, and potential profits for informed decisions.

Viral Launch Pros & Cons:


  • Find profitable products for your niche using the product research tool
  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate.
  • advanced filters to discover untapped and profitable niches.
  • Get easily accessible customer support through email.

  • No free plan
Starting at $99.97/mo
  • Free Trial

Sell The Trend is a product research tool that helps you find popular and winning products for your online store. This tool gathers data from different websites such as Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify stores, etc.

When you subscribe to Sell The Trend, Not only do you get the product research tool but also other useful tools and training: Local Shipping, Video Creator, Facebook Audience Builder, Facebook Ads Masterclass Course, Free Dropship Course, Store Intelligence Tool ( Spy on successful Shopify stores and see their top-selling products), and Free Chrome Extension.

Sell The Trend Features:

  • Intelligence Storage
  • Discreetly monitor Shopify stores for insights on pricing, earnings, orders, and best-sellers.

  • Facebook Audience Constructor
  • Discover trending Facebook audiences for effective ad targeting.

  • Video Crafting Tool
  • Easily create customized product videos from URLs with text, visuals, and music.

  • Engagement Rating Calculator
  • Evaluate Instagram influencers’ suitability using engagement data.

  • Product Showcases
  • Rank AliExpress videos by sales, aiding trend analysis.

  • US Shipping Tracker
  • Identify US-sourced AliExpress items for quicker delivery.

Sell The Trend Pros & Cons:


  • Multiple explorers to discover winning products.
  • A huge database and product library for finding trending products
  • A wide range of filtering and sorting options
  • Tools for creating unique videos for your ad campaigns
  • Google Chrome extension to add products directly from AliExpress
  • Over 5,000,000 products

  • The free trial lasts only for 7 days.
  • Additional courses are paid.
Starting at $49.99/mo instead of $172.88/mo
  • Free Plan

AMZScout is an affordable product research tool that helps people who sell on Amazon. They work in nine different marketplaces.

AMZScout is a great choice. It can help you find the best products to sell, figure out how to list them better and find good places to get products from. If you’re already selling on Amazon and want to see how your competitors are doing, find popular keywords to use, or discover new products, AMZScout can also help you.

AMZscout Features:

  • Product Database
  • AMZscout allows you to quickly filter and sort through millions of products across various categories and Amazon marketplaces, helping you identify potentially profitable products.

  • Sales and Profit Estimates
  • These estimates provide a clear picture of potential revenue, pricing, and Amazon fees, allowing you to make informed decisions about product selection and pricing strategies.

  • Keyword Research Tools and Amazon Keyword Research
  • These tools help optimize your product listings by identifying relevant and high-volume keywords, improving your product’s visibility and ranking on Amazon.

  • Product Tracker
  • Monitoring up to 80 products simultaneously over time allows you to track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for your Amazon business.

  • Product Score for Reselling and Private Label
  • These scores quickly assess a product’s potential for reselling or private labeling, helping you focus on products with higher chances of success

  • Best-Seller Ranking and Ratings/Reviews Analysis
  • Analyzing historical ranking data and reviews helps you gauge market competitiveness and customer satisfaction, aiding in product selection and optimization efforts.

AMZscout Pros & Cons:


  • Suitable for beginners and experienced Amazon sellers.
  • Easy to use and has many tutorials and videos for beginners.
  • The price is affordable; you can try it for free before deciding.
  • You can export search results to Excel for data analysis.
  • It makes product sourcing on Alibaba.com easier.

  • Sometimes, it doesn’t display all the data for every product.
  • The keyword explorer takes a while to show the results.
Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is considering one of the best product research tools and a helpful tool for dropshipping. It lets you discover best-selling or trendy products from any Shopify, AliExpress, and Amazon stores you like or from the most popular Shopify stores worldwide. And you can also get products to sell on your own Shopify Store. ”

“Niche Scraper is a simple tool to find products you can sell. It’s really strong and lets you spy on what other online stores are doing on Shopify.


  • Affordability and Value Budget-friendly pricing with substantial value for the provided services. Gain a competitive edge through cost-effective solutions.

Niche Scraper Features:

  • Product Discovery
  • Product Scraper: Search and filter products based on terms, categories, and price ranges. Hand-Picked Winning Products: Access a curated list of successful products with details like descriptions, costs, profit margins, FB audience targeting, and supplier links. Easy Import to Shopify: Quickly add winning products to your Shopify store for dropshipping.

  • Market Research
  • Store Analysis Tool: Automatically scan Shopify stores for top-selling items, Alexa rank, traffic, and potential monthly revenue. Duplicate Products: Replicate successful products to your store, including content and images.

  • Marketing Tools
  • Video Ad Maker Tool: Create persuasive promotional videos with templates showcasing product benefits, aiding in targeting audiences. Enhanced Conversion Rates: Improve sales with effective video content.

  • Comprehensive Data
  • Access diverse and accurate data that sets Niche Scraper apart from other tools. Make informed decisions using comprehensive databases.

Niche Scraper Pros & Cons:


  • Easily find winning products.
  • Use the Product Scraper feature.
  • Analyze different stores
  • Create engaging videos for your products.
  • Discover new daily winning products.
  • Advanced Product Research Tool.
  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Not enough information on winning products and sales trends
  • You need to contact the support team to pay with a Debit card.
helium10's logo
Starting at $29/mo
  • Free Plan

Helium 10 is an all-in-one software suite designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs and sellers on Amazon. It offers a range of tools and features to optimize Amazon account management, enhance sales, refine product listings, and conduct effective keyword research. Geared towards individual sellers and marketing agencies, Helium 10 provides a comprehensive solution to navigate the challenges of the Amazon marketplace. The Google Chrome extension is a significant feature that offers valuable insights in real-time on the Amazon website, aiding informed decision-making.
In conclusion, Helium 10 empowers users to succeed in e-commerce by equipping them with essential tools and intelligence to thrive on Amazon.

Helium 10 Features:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • helps you understand your market position by analyzing your competitors.

  • Keyword Research
  • Identify real search terms related to your products to improve your SEO strategy.

  • Product Tracking
  • Keep track of inventory estimates to make better investment decisions.

  • Market Search
  • Explore different niche terms to find potential markets for your products.

  • Branding Opportunities
  • Discover multiple branding opportunities with its product research suite, including branding quality analysis software.

Helium 10 Pros & Cons:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers top-notch optimization, reverse ASIN, and product validation tools.
  • It comes with a free plan that provides limited access to most features.
  • Access to a high-quality Amazon FBA course called Freedom Ticket.

  • No supplier information is available as it lacks a supplier database.
  • Learning to use Helium 10 can be challenging due to its steep learning curve.
Starting at $39/mo

Intelligynce is a product research tool that helps you find the best products to sell online. It provides access to a huge database of 2.5 million products from over 500,000 Shopify stores, as well as items on eBay and Amazon.

You can find popular and in-demand niche products for your online store becomes effortless. The tool enhances the research process, making it easier to identify profitable items.

One of the best parts is that everything is automated with Intelligynce. If you’re ready to start selling products in your store, you can use this tool to uncover the right products that are selling well on AliExpress. This way, you can start making money without any big hassles.

Intelligynce Features:

  • Product Search Tool
  • This feature allows you to search for over 650,000 products using powerful filters. It helps you identify trending and high-demand products that you can potentially add to your e-commerce store.

  • Store Search Tool
  • Intelligynce’s store search tool lets you search through a database of more than 130,000 Shopify stores. This can help you find competing businesses, understand their strategies, and gather insights for your own store’s growth.

  • Hot Products
  • The Hot Products feature provides a list of current and trending high-selling items. This can be particularly useful for newcomers to e-commerce, offering a selection of products that have demonstrated success in the market.

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Intelligynce provides detailed traffic analysis for each Shopify store, including traffic volume, traffic sources, organic and paid search keywords, social traffic volumes, and more. This data can inform your marketing strategies and help you target the right audience.

  • Facebook Ads Information
  • provides information about Facebook Ads, enabling you to market your products effectively and reach a broad audience through social media advertising.

  • Powerful Filters
  • The powerful filters offered by Intelligynce allow you to refine your searches based on various criteria, such as Facebook conversion pixel, price points, social media presence, and more. These filters help you find the most relevant products and stores quickly.

Intelligynce Pros & Cons:


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Supports Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Google chrome extension
  • Accurate Sales Data Insights
  • Built-in AliExpress product link scraper.
  • Competitor Analysis with Store Inspecto

  • Products could be improved more with Dashboard UI.
  • Can’t create slideshow video ads.

I. What Are The Benefits Of Using Product Research Tools?

Product Research Tools
  • Understanding the Market:
  • Specific information about top-selling products in your market.
  • The average selling price of these products.
  • Level of competition for these products.
  • Informed Decision Making:
  • Deciding which products to offer in your business.
  • Determine the right pricing strategy for your products.
  • Planning effective advertising campaigns.
  • Understanding Market Trends and Demands
  • Stay up-to-date with changing market dynamics and consumer preferences.
  • Recognize emerging trends and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Identifying Profitable Opportunities
  • Finding products with low competition and high demand.
  • Discovering profitable products that competitors may have overlooked.

III. Best Practices for Utilizing Product Research Tools Effectively:

  • Defining Research Objectives:
  • Identify the specific questions you want to answer through research.
  • Establish the target audience and market segment for the study.
  • Selecting the Right Tool(s) for Specific Needs:
  • Evaluate different product research tools available in the market.
  • Consider the ease of use and compatibility with your data sources.
  • Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Insights:
  • Combine quantitative data (numbers and statistics) with qualitative data (feedback and opinions).
  • Balance the strengths and limitations of each type of data to gain a comprehensive understanding.
  • Interpret the results holistically to make well-informed business decisions.


We hope this article provides you with the information you were looking for about the best product research tools. We believe that these tools will help you find the best-suited solution to meet your specific requirements. Embrace the power of product research tools and pave the way for your online store’s growth and prosperity.

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