How To Get Easily Started On Roadmapping Using Click-Up 2023 .


At first click-up can be quite overwhelming but don’t worry – i’ve got your back! in this guide i’ll show you step-by-step how to get started easily. and demonstrate how Click-Up can help you in planning and communicating your future goals, along with the necessary steps to achieve them .

What is Roadmapping ?

A roadmap is a helpful strategic plan tool that helps you plan out your goals , initiative and milestones of your project, product, or organization over a set time period. It can also provide a visual representation of the onset journey showing the big steps needed to achieve desired outcomes . 

By using a roadmap, You’ll be able to track and keep up with your teams progress as well as you can keep everyone on the same page, prioritize tasks, and let everyone know what’s coming up. It’s a great tool for sharing your vision and strategy in a clear and friendly way.

How to Make a Click-Up Roadmap: Using Click-Up Roadmap Templates .

If you already have a Click-Up account, that’s awesome – you can skip this step and move on to the exciting stuff. But if you’re new here and eager to get started, no worries at all! Let me guide you on how to sign up and join the Click-Up family.

Sign-up On Click-Up

  • First you need to sign-up , Visit the Click-UP website and locate the ” Sign Up ” button .

Create your own workspace

  • After you’ve signed up , you can now start creating your workspace .
  • Pick a name for your workspace .
  • Now you’re all done .

Amazing ! Now let’s dive right into building your roadmap , The platform offers a collection of ready-made and unique roadmap templates that will make the process much faster and easier , Let me walk you through it !

Create a Roadmap

1 – Choose a Workspace .

On the ‘ left side ‘ of the page you’ll find the( + ) near the team space tag , click on it then click on ‘ Folder

2 – Create a New Roadmap 

Here you can either pick your ‘ own template ‘ or you can use a ‘ pre set template ‘ that click-up already has .

3 – Choose a Roadmap Template

Find the ‘ Search bar ‘ then look for ‘ roadmap ‘ , There are many roadmaps but ‘ Project Roadmap is the most basic of them .

4 – Customize your Template

Here it tells you what the template includes from status group , custom fields , tags , etc … .

5 – Choose Additional Customizations

Here you can ‘ customize ‘ your template and ‘ set a name ‘ for it , also set it’s ‘ located space ‘ and ‘ set your project dates ‘ .

Using a pre-set or pre-existing template can help you save alot of effort and time, And once you know and the in’s and out of your platform it’ll get much easier . 


In a nutshell, a well-crafted roadmap is like a trusty guide that helps steer your organization towards its goals with more confidence and clarity. It’s the secret sauce that brings everyone together, aligns priorities, and paves the way for success. Keep in mind that roadmaps are flexible and should be revisited regularly, so don’t be afraid to tweak and fine-tune along the journey. Embrace collaboration, communicate openly, and watch your organization thrive as you navigate the exciting road ahead. With a solid roadmap in hand, the possibilities are limitless!

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